Mini Militia Mod APK Pro Version Download | Doodle Army 2

Since 2011, the game has been rising its user’s toll and people are going crazy when they find out about this game for the first time. The game has been upgraded several times with different features and tools to support players win more and to play on with enthusiasm.

The thing with Mini militia is that every new player starts at a “private” level and hence he’s defenses are weak. But what happens is the old or early starters have upgraded their posts and become more stronger and so they can defeat the lower and weaker opponents easily. This seems to be unfair for the late beginners.

Mini Militia Mod APK

download (6).jpg
Also, the game has many restrictions on weapons, ammo, locations, and strength of the players game character. So, to help such players out, developers from third party apps and IT techs have come up with the Mini militia Pro APK download that has several restricted items under full allowance.

There are several advantageous features of the Pro Pack download that help users to survive the wars and can fight longer than in regular game mode. Here are some of the features of the Pro Pack version:

Allows full access to weapons and armory vaults.
The users can customize their avatar as per their choice.
Access to all stores and along with it all the items in the stores.
The user can have double weapons while playing in the Online mode.
The bushes will become transparent for users to see who is hiding behind them.
Unlimited ammo. The user does not even have to reload when the battle is on.
All the new maps will be unlocked for you.
Unlimted Jetpacks for the users.
Profile problems and bugs are fixed in this Pro Pack version.
The suicide option will prevail like in the normal mode game.
Health cheat codes are used to keep life up.
Single Shot kill is activated to increase the damage on opponents so as to win faster.
Access to an unlimited supply of grenades and bombs.
The Laser line is enabled to help the player with better aims and accurate kills.
All Players will be born with the ‘Golden gun’ every time they are reborn.
As you can see, the mini militia pro pack benefits has more open-ended and user-friendly features that support the weak players to win easily. Everyone can download the Pro Pack version by following the steps as given here:


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